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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Newest and Very Popular Item

This is our newest item up for sale.
Be one of only a select few to wear the 2nd Amendment everywhere you go. We have large and small bottles with the 2nd Amendment inside. The larger bottles have a mini bullet replica inside as well.
Available on dog tag chain, black leather cord and multi color satin cord - all approx 18-20in long.

These are available on leather cord or ball chain.
$15 each, 2/$25 or 3/$30
These will be available at the Franklin Gun Show at the Milwaukee Sports Complex
December 7-9, 2012
Also Available:




Here is Micah shooting the revolver to get some new ammo to work with.
The most fun part of making all this jewelry.

Email if interested in purchasing any of these
 or come see us at the gun show.
We also have T-shirts for sale, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, magnets, pushpins and more so keep checking back for more images of what we have made. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Jewelry For Sale

Below I have pictured some of the new jewelry items I have made. 
I have various sizes available: 9mm, .22, .45, 357, 38 Special, 12 / 16 / 20 Gauge Shotgun, 762x39, 762x54 and various other calibers.

.357 Polished Aluminum

12 Gauge Shotgun in Polished Brass Color

16 Gauge Shotgun - Polished Brass Color

38 Special Polished Gold Color

Silver Color 9mm - Blue Bead & Hoop

38 Special Gold Color Post Earrings

38 Special - Crystal Type Beads & Hoops

38 Special Gold Color Hoop Earring

Large 12 Gauge Shotgun in Gold Color
Occasionally available in 16 Gauge

Most come in either polished Gold or Silver colors (brass, aluminum and steel casings)
I can make most of the earrings with either hook or post type fasteners and in either silver or gold colors.
I am looking into getting Surgical Steel but right now I only have Hypoallergenic.
I can make most items to order and in bulk if required.
Feel free to message me at
for information or ordering.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just another item for sale at

There are two different power supplies for sale.  They are both taken from old computers and then the guts cleaned out, rewired, soldered and 10 LED lights added.  Both can be turned on/off with a switch and are powered by USB, plugged into either a computer USB slot or into a regular wall socket with a USB adapter. 

This is a really cool gift idea for Mother's Day, Father's Day, office good-bye gift, special something for that GEEK in your life who needs a great desk light or for anyone to be used as a nightlight.  Once these two are gone, I will be listing more since this is one of my favorite things to make. 

Hey, first blog!

First time blogging so let's see how this goes.

Check out for some really cool LED geekery for your desk, home office or really any room in your house. 

Will be adding some new stuff soon so keep checking back here and on

You can purchase any of the items through etsy or contact me here to purchase any special order items or multiples of the items you see listed. 

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